This or That, Day 3


Well, once again the Mehtizens did not disappoint in their opinionings. Some stayed focused on their preferences for the two renderings of the same character; others couldn’t seem to separate actor from part. Some gave reasoned arguments; others not so much, or none at all. We even had a technical foul cross-thread throwing John Krasinski into the mix (though I did like the poster), and an attempted 11 ½ hour failed hi-jack attempt to move the debate to two other actors. Nice try, @mike808, but your goat is feet-up! And then there were those who, predictably, were more enamored of their relative hotness than any acting ability or specific character performance, though I have to say I did expect that.

So, to throw the pendulum in the other direction, as long as we’re considering with whom we would prefer to be stranded on a desert island…

(or, I’m sure you’ll come up with some other metric)
today’s choice is:

or Mary Ann