This or That, Day 4


While Gilligan characters did not incite nearly as much passionate discussion as either Mad Max or Glen and Irk, there was a clear revelation that preferences lie stronger with the practical, down-home and real-life virtues of Mary Ann rather than the more idealistic, decorative, and invariably high-maintenance fantasy of Ginger. Good for you, though you shop on Meh, so I guess that tracks.

For today’s choice, we turn from people to actions, from external preferences regarding others to internal propensities of affect.

We all know what you prefer when you want to express your disapproval of something

You know it’s true. You said it today already.

But today we ask how you prefer to express your approval:
Thumbs up

or OK sign

Don’t worry, just because your choice reveals a lot about your personality, your childhood and your psychological profile doesn’t mean that it will in any way be used against you. Really, trust me.