Irk Stuffie

  • Not an Instant Regret Kit
  • Does not talk
  • Want to buy something that doesn’t have a Meh logo on it? Head over to SideDeal!
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10 More Years: A Meh Merch Meh-rathon

Yesterday, we sold a whole bunch of random stuff and looked back on the last 10 years. Today, we’re selling Meh merchandise only and thinking about the future of our business! Here’s something you can expect from us a decade from now:

By 2034, Irk Stuffies will be as popular as Tickle-Me-Elmos are!

In 2034.

Which is to say, not very popular.

Pretty exciting, huh? Of course, if you have some ideas of what you want to see from us in the next 10 years, be sure to share them on the forum!

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