HELIOS Heated Coat for Men & Women

  • Looks like a normal jacket
  • Feels like a space heater
  • 4 ultra-thin heating panels, a detachable hood, and a covered zipper
  • Power bank not included but we do have a handy one over at SideDeal
  • Is it Mac compatible: I mean, maybe? I… I don’t know if I can recommend plugging one into your Mac
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We're Warming You

When you go running or biking in the cold, you don’t wear a big-ass puffy jacket. Because your legs are pumping, your heart’s beating fast, and so your body heat keeps you warm with less insulation. Even just walking the dog around the block in the dead of winter, there’s a chance you’ll be sweating and uncomfortable by the time you get home.

What we’re saying is, if you’re moving, you probably don’t need a heated jacket.

But what about when you’re waiting for public transportation? Do you want to be the weirdo doing jumping jacks and jogging in place on the street corner because the bus is running late? Do you want to pace back and forth on the train platform, cursing quietly to yourself, because there’s one heat lamp and 20 people crowded under it?

Or what about at the football game? Are you going to rely on spirit alone to keep you warm as you cheer the home team to victory? Or would you prefer something that’s not just stylish but also features 4 ultra-thin heating panels? Plus a detachable hood? Plus a covered zipper? We should mention though that it doesn’t come with a power bank to supply the heat… but you can grab one right over here at SideDeal.

Or what about if you don’t have a garage? And you forgot to (or don’t want to) start your car ten minutes before you have to head to work?

Or what about when you’re running errands with your spouse, and you stop somewhere and only one of you has to go in, but also, you don’t want to sit there with your car burning gas just so you don’t freeze to death?

Or, hey, here’s something interesting: the whole heating part can turn on and off. So even if you’re taking the dog for a walk like we mentioned earlier, you can have the heat on to start the walk and then turn it off if you start to feel too hot.

Honestly, the only time you shouldn’t wear one of these is when you’re exercising. Although, you would get a nice sweat going…

No, but seriously, don’t do that.

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