GoWISE USA 2-in-1 Smokeless Indoor Grill and Griddle with Recipe Book

  • Grill and griddle plates are removable for easy cleaning
  • We’re a fan of the internal fan that cuts down on smoke
  • Heats up quickly (max of 482 degrees) and maintains its temperature well
  • Is it available in Georgia Red: if the steak is Georgia Red in the middle, it’s definitely undercooked
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Grill On Through

Grilling is like riding a bike. And we mean that in two ways.

The first is the obvious one: you can step away from coals for a little while, but the minute you put on the apron, pick up the tongs and the spatula, and start flipping patties and rolling dogs, all your grill-master tendencies come rushing back.

But it’s also like riding a bike in that it’s fun as hell. So fun, in fact, that whenever you do it you wonder: why don’t I do this all the time?

Everyone’s experienced this. You dust off the old Huffy in the garage and take it for a spin around the neighborhood and as soon as the breeze hits your face, it’s like, WTF? Why are you WASTING YOUR WHOLE LIFE walking and driving everywhere when bikes exist?

It’s the same way with the grill. A day rolls around–a day like today, for example, July 4th, the ultimate grilling holiday–when you pull off the grill cover and get the flames going. And that’s all it takes. The smoke, the sound of the sizzle, the smell of the meat, the heat, it all mixes together into one intoxicating cocktail for the senses (made all the more intoxicating by whatever literal cocktail you choose as your grill-side beverage). And so you start to think, why would anyone cook any other way?

The answer, in both cases, is pretty obvious. It’s a little less fun to hop on your bike or man the grill when it’s 35 and snowy out. So, come late October, you put stop biking and you stop grilling.

Unless you have something that works indoors. Like a Peloton. Or this thing, the Peloton of grills. Except there’s no screen with an instructor yelling, “Yeah, there we go GrillaxYOLO_45! You get that char, girl!”

Instead, what you get is an electric grill with removable grill and griddle plates, a drip tray to keep from making a mess, and a fan to minimize smoke. It can reach 482 degrees, heats up quickly, and maintains its temperature nicely. Most importantly, though, you can use it when it’s cold out without putting on a winter coat, when it’s rainy out without having put on a poncho, or when it’s excessively hot out without worrying about heat stroke. Because you don’t have to go out to use it.

Is it what you want to use today, on the 4th of July, at the height of the nicest part of summer? Maybe not. But at least you can keep grilling even as the seasons change.

So get one and grill year-round!

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