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  • Whoa, A shirt? A week after we sold another shirt? What is this, a site that sells shirts sometimes?
  • $10 gets you all these Meh faces, and one happy face (yours, when you receive your shirt).
  • Model: M3HB3-TH4Y-W3R3-B0RN-W1TH-1T
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The Greatest Company In Amehrica

Yes, on one level, the design is simple: it’s the Meh face, or should we say, the many (meh-ny) Meh faces you see when you come to our site. It’s a button. You press it. You keep a streak going, if you want. Or else you don’t; you reserve the Meh button only to show your nonplussedness. It’s something that makes our site special, a little inside joke among you, the customer, and us.

But, on another level, the design means so much more. It’s a tribute. To us. And all we’ve done for the world of commerce. Before we came along, all was excitement, and much of it was false. Companies didn’t know that it was fine enough to be, well, fine enough. Everything had to be glorious and exuberant. But then we showed up, and we taught people that it doesn’t always have to be that way. You don’t have to worry about moving the proverbial needle. You don’t need to dial it up to a ten. You can hang out at a five if you want.

So the many Meh faces may be the ones we’ve used on the site, but to us, they represent all the companies we’ve influenced into embracing their prosaic and unimpressive natures, such as:

  • So-Sony
  • Run-Of-The-MillerCoors
  • Circuit Mediocri-city
  • Lay Up Donuts
  • NetFlick
  • Forgedible Arrangements
  • Frito-kays
  • No Great ShakeShack
  • Blockluster Video
  • Pabt’s Participation Ribbon Beer
  • Acceptable Western
  • Generally Motors
  • Chipotlayman’s Mexican Grill
  • Good Enough Year Tire
  • Buffalo Mild Wings
  • Aliblabla
  • Bed, Bath, and Only Those Two Things
  • I Can Believe It’s Not Butter
  • Whateverburger
  • ESPedestriaN
  • Mehrizon Wireless
  • TypiCulver’s
  • BanALDI
  • Cracker Barrel-Half-Empty
  • Humdrumbro
  • Good Enough Clips
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee for the Price
  • Boredstrom
  • Gillette Yourself Go (The “best” a man can get)
  • For a little while 21
  • The Cheesecake Satisfactory
  • Alrite Aid
  • Hardlee’s Trying Anymore
  • IffyLube

So here’s to us, but really here’s to all of the companies on this list! Thanks for coming along with us for this not-so-wild, not-so-tame ride! (But in the future, maybe work a little bit harder, okay? Seriously, it’s a little embarrassing.)

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