Ecobee4 Smart Home Thermostat with Extra Sensor

  • Two room sensors included for twice the fun! You could even have up to thirty-two if you’re some kind of thirty-tworoomillionaire!
  • Unless your roommates are Snow Miser and Heat Miser
  • Newer sensors are backwards compatible, so you can go all-in if you want to
  • Compatible with gas, oil, electric, dual fuel, conventional (2H/2C), heat pump (4H/2C), humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator, HRV or ERV
  • Works with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and Google Assistant
  • Model number is EB-STATE4VP-01, though let it be known that Meh does not endorse EB-STATE for Vice President
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So Temperamental

Let us take a moment to appreciate the humble thermometer. The sleek design. The simple functionality. The forbidden Kool-Aid inside.

Then humanity decided that simply knowing the temperature was not enough. No, they decided to control it by creating the thermostat! The hubris!

And now we’ve decided that controlling the temperature is just too much work, so we gave it to the robots. You heard me. Look at this thing.

This is a thermostat that has Alexa built in. No longer do we have to touch the thermostat itself, oh no. We can just yell commands at it and it will obey! It doesn’t even have to be temperature commands, you can ask it to play “Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six and it probably will.

Don’t like Alexa? Then use whatever smart home and/or voice assistant you want! It’s compatible with most of the major ones, like Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Still not ready to be that person yelling at appliances in their home? Then you can adjust things via the app.

And check this out. It includes two of these room sensors, so instead of relying on the temperature of wherever the thermostat is located, you can put these in different rooms and achieve a thermal balance worthy of a thumbs-up from Thanos.

Plus, having these sensors means you don’t need to carry around a thermometer to know exactly how hot or cold each room is. And you know what that means?

Oh yes, dear reader, less thermometers means more forbidden Kool-Aid for me.

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