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Cuisinart Set of 12 Non-Stick Skillets

  • It’s a 3-pack of skillets (sizes: 4x8", 4x10", 4x12")
  • But then it’s a 4-pack of those 3-packs
  • Or maybe it’s a 3-pack of 4-packs?
  • A 6-pack of 2-packs?
  • A 12-pack of 1-packs?
  • 12 skillets is what we’re getting at
  • Model: 5K1LL3T-1T-83
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Four Is The Least Lonely Number

Hey, want some skillets? Because today we’re selling a fuckload of skillets! There are three different sizes (4x8", 4x10", 4x12"), and you get four of each size. That’s twelve whole skillets! Making this a great investment for anyone who:

  1. Loves to fry eggs but hates to do dishes every day;
  2. Has a bunch of older kids who are leaving the house/just moved out, and therefore need a little starter pack of kitchen supplies;
  3. Has four secret families (or one normal family and three secret ones);
  4. Is some sort of weird folk artist who paints skillets for some reason.

See! That’s four great reasons to buy these three-packs of four-packs of skillets. And you know what else comes in fours?


That’s right, friends! Tomorrow is the day of Saint Valentine! And to celebrate, we’ve gotten our friend @Matthew to put together a series of hard-hitting, people’s-elbow-throwing Valentine’s Day cards. Take a look:

Of course, if you want distribute paper copies of these, here they are (front and back) arranged for easy 2-sided printing.

So buy some skillets, hand out some cards, and feel the love!

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