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Shirts, But Fun!

Here’s what everyone’s saying about shirts from Mediocritee!

“Many of my shirts are blank, and because of that, I often end up wearing them backward by accident. This has cost me a lot of friends and also ruined several job interviews. Thankfully, Mediocritee’s shirts are printed with fun designs, so I always know which side is the front. That’s why, whenever I have a job interview these days, I wear a Mediocritee shirt!”

-Harp LaJoie, out-of-work astrophysicist


“I’m a golfer. Not a very good one, but not a terrible one either. And one thing I’ve noticed is there are no golf tees for people like me. You either get the super well-constructed pro-level ones that are too expensive for a talented amateur like me, or you get the cheap, bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. I couldn’t find anything directly in the middle, which made me think, maybe I should be the change I want to see in the world. You know, start my own business! So I came up with a company name and went to buy the web address only to find it occupied by some people selling delightful silly shirts. Damn you, Mediocritee!”

-Gloria Naymar, struggling entrepreneur


“Forty long years working as a detective, and finally I’m on the verge of a much-deserved retirement, when, boom, I get stabbed in the back! And I don’t mean like when my former partner, Toby Sloan, ran away with my wife to Bermuda because I was too busy working the streets for clues to come home and eat peach cobbler in front of Wheel of Fortune. No, I mean literally, I was stabbed in the back. Only, that wasn’t the end of it. Given that it happened at the exact moment of a lunar eclipse, my soul was able to flee my body and enter that of a corgi. So, it looks like I’ve got one last murder to solve… my own! And I gotta do it on these stubby little legs. Luckily, I’ve got a mind honed on decades worth of crime-solving and the eager eyes of a domesticated wolf at my disposal, meaning I see every detail in this cesspool of a city. Which is how I’m able to know: the commitment to quality on these Mediocritee shirts? Through! The! Roof!”

-Rex McScruff, canine private eye


(Oh, and for all the lame-os who don’t like fun, we also have basic Meh shirts.)

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