Blendtec Total Blender with WildSide + Jar AND Blendfresh powder

  • Or, chop them or whatever; after all, it’s got 10 speed (plus pulse)
  • Sexy-looking with its understated design and LCD screen
  • This one comes with the Wildside+ Jar and some Blendresh whole food powder
  • Can’t get this bundle anywhere else
  • Model: TB-621-25, because with this you’re ready To Blend 621 days a year, 25 hours a day
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There's Got To Be A Better Way

The problem is that you don’t know any better.

You have that basic-ass blender you got forever ago, and it works fine. Or so you think. It looks nice enough on the counter, and it’s got plenty of buttons. You put solid stuff in and it definitely comes out less solid than before. And that’s the promise it made, right?

Here’s the thing, though: you could cube steak with a butter knife and a little elbow grease. And you could take a golf cart on a cross country road trip if you had the time. And you could light your house at night with a number strategically placed cigarette lighters.

But should you? Of course not.

And yet, if you have a basic-ass blender, you’re essentially doing just that. You’re fighting through the wrist pain to cut that chuck roast with dull blade. You’re cruising down the highway going fifteen, every passing semi nearly sending you into a ditch. You’re trying to find the remote at night with only a tiny flickering flame.

What we’re saying is you’re living with inefficiencies–chunkier-than-desirable soups, not-entirely-pureed purees–because you don’t realize there are better options out there. For example, this Blendtec Blender.

With a 1560 watt motor and 10 speeds (also pulse), it will reduce the frozenest of frozen fruit to the smoothest of smoothies. Plus, with its understated design and LCD screen, it looks pretty swanky. Hell, we’re even throwing in some Blendfresh whole food powder, which makes this a bundle you can’t get anywhere else.

Yes, $199 is a lot to drop, especially on this site. Then again, the Wildside + Jar that this comes with usually sells for about $130 on its own, so there you go.

Once you get one, will you feel silly for using a crummy blender all those years? Maybe. But like we said, you didn’t know any better.

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