New Disease, move aside COVID

OnionSoup thought this was worth mentioning said

According to China now there is a new deadly disease spreading… Not in China but Kazakhstan. The cause of the disease is unknown but it involves pneumonia and is far more deadly than COVID. Deaths over 1,700 so far (some Chinese citizens which is why China is getting involved and announcing this).

Kazakhstan denies the new disease exist, they say they’ve had a lot of pneumonia deaths this year but not because of a new disease (which they would sag, they have a weird dear-leader type dictatorship), but China obviously would be keen to spread false information to distract from COVID (heck they might even plant a virus to distract from it)…

Good news about really deadly infections diseases though, they tend to be easier to contain. You kill your host, you can’t spread to a new host. So almost certainly won’t be as bad as COVID if it’s real.