Anolon 4-Piece Skillet Set

  • One 10" and one 12" nonstick aluminum pans
  • Matching glass lids for both included, because it will be silly to include non-matching lids
  • “The Hard Anodized Anolons” sounds like a kickass Norse Metal band
  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees, though generally they go on top of the stove
  • These won’t ship out for a week so don’t order if you’re currently experiencing a skillet emergency
  • Model: 84430, 82513 (Hmm, the first number is a postal code in France, where Anolon is headquartered. The second is a postal code in Wyoming, which will probably be the only state on the sales map that doesn’t buy these. Coincidence?
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The Myths Of Anolon

Back in 2013, Serious Eats listed one of these Anolon nonstick skillets in their Essential Pots and Pans list, citing its durable coating, even cooking, and solid construction.

But we know what you’re thinking – 2013 was practically eons ago in the fast-paced, ever-changing nonstick skillet world.

So if you’re one of those fanboys who waits in line for two days every time Anolon announces a new product, this deal probably won’t blow your skirt up. It’s got the solid aluminum body and superior product design you expect from Anolon, but you’ll be missing out on the many, many recent developments in nonstick skilletry.

Just last week at CES (Conference of Every Skillet) Anolon hinted at a new skillet to be released in 2018 that will feature a larger form factor but no headphone jack. Sounds crazy to release a skillet without a headphone jack, and many longtime supporters are beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the nonstick powerhouse, but challenging the skillet quo is what Anolon has always done and will continue to do.

Savvy shoppers know that buying previous-gen Anolon releases is a good way to save money on a superior product. The Serious Eats list (and hundreds of Amazon reviewers) recommended the 10" skillet alone, with no lid, at a $60 price point And we’re selling the sale thing plus a 12" pan and two glass lids for much less. The price of staying on the cutting edge of frying technology can be high, but the rewards of waiting for a deal on Meh can be enormous.

And all belabored Apple parallels aside – these are nice pans.

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