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Aduro U-Rise Steel Phone & Tablet Stand Bundle

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy
  • So…Steel is the model name but, yeah, it’s aluminum alloy
  • Two of them: one that holds 4" to 10" smartphones and tablets and another that holds 4" to 12" smartphones and tablets
  • It’s not a sexy purchase, but you’ll be glad you have them
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but they allow you to FaceTime while making a margarita, so that’s something
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Stand Up

Why do we sell what we sell here on Meh?

Because we have it in our inventory, that’s why.

Probably, someone like our man Troy could give a better explanation of what the market has to offer at given times during the year, and how that translates to what we can get our hands on for cheap enough to offer at a low price that will satisfy the deranged deal mongers who come here. (No, we don’t mean you! We mean the other customers!) But really, it’ll boil down to some more complicated version of what we said above: we sell what we sell because we have it to sell.

What’s often more perplexing is why we stop selling stuff.

Now, the word ‘often’ is doing a lot of work there because in a lot of cases, it’s obvious. Like, we launched this site with a speaker dock, and we don’t sell them anymore, because who the fuck needs a speaker dock in the age of Bluetooth speakers? Even we’re not stupid enough to offer those anymore.

But then there seem to be those things that we sell often enough for a while only for them to fall out of favor despite the fact that they never stop being useful. Like these phone and table stands.

You might see something like this for sale and roll your eyes, thinking, Lol, what is this? 2014? We know we did when saw them on the calendar. Maybe because we see products with limited opportunities for innovation as the same thing as obsolete? Yet, they still work just as well as they did at the onset of the smartphone era. And there remain many situations when you want your phone upright, such as when you need to read a recipe while you cook or watch a show while you do the dishes.

And we should say: these are good stands. They’re made with sturdy aluminum alloy, so you know they’ll hold up nicely, and you get two of them: one that can hold 4" to 10" smartphones and tablets and another that can hold 4" to 12" smartphones and tablets.

Is this an exciting purchase? No. But they work and provide a useful function. And they’ll continue to work and provide a useful function for the foreseeable future. So get them if you need them.

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