99-Pack: KIND Kids Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars

  • Best by 3/6/24 (so they might not be as chewy as they would be if they were fresher, but still tasty)
  • KIND is a good brand
  • Can be consumed by adults as well
  • Can it make a margarita: You get 99 of them, so you might as well throw one in a blender with some tequila
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Great (KIND of)

We’ve sold these before. So, are they good?


We know, we know. A resounding endorsement for a product we’re trying to sell a 99-pack of. But, look, we’re only going by what you told us the last few times we offered these.

First off, based on some of the photos, it looks as though these don’t have many chocolate chips in them. But they do. @werehatrack assures us as much:

I can confirm that the chocolate chips are present in the bars that I bought. You can ship me yours for inspecting and evaluation if you’re not convinced, but the testing is destructive. There is presently a three-month backlog of samples to process.

Elsewhere, they provide this thorough review:

They’re pretty good, actually.

@stevenorum agrees:

Got these when they were first on sale. For $0.25 a pop they’re a great snack to have on hand for when you need a quick treat.

But the real question is: how do these stack up against your basic, generic granola bars? @Bloodshedder weighs in on that:

These are all right, but they’re only about as good as a regular generic granola bar you can buy at any grocery store. They’re not nearly as good as regular Kind bars.

Still, @pakopako thinks they’re worth it:

I do agree that these are about as good as store brand granola bars, but only slightly more expensive for a more convenient snack size (and with a bit less sugar).

To recap, they’re good. Enough. And if we were selling them for in-the-grocery-store KIND bar prices, that would be bad. But we’re not. We’re selling them for cheap. So buy them if you need a little snack.

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