80-pack: Snack Yums Chocolate Chip Bites

  • Each one may require more than one bite
  • Who doesn’t love some chocolate chips?
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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A Meh-rathon Murder Mystery!

Eccentric billionaire steam mop mogul Dallas McAllen has been murdered! And in his own home, no less, while a great party raged on. With 30 suspects and clues galore (some helpful, others less so) only Sadie Dufresne–an Inspector of the Royal Knights order (shorthand: IRK), one of the highest ranking detectives in all the land–can be trusted to solve the mystery. But she’ll need your help. So, what do you say? Will you help IRK Dufresne crack the case?

“Honestly, these party nights are terrible for all of us,” says Finley Lancested, the McAllen estate’s afternoon butler, when Sadie Dufresne asks him if he noticed any odd comings and goings. “The ice sculptors, the strobe light installers, the parrot releasers–all day, we’re letting them in and then making sure they’re out in good time so nobody has to see the seams, so to speak. That was the thing with Dallas; he never liked this stuff to seem too meticulously planned. Even having the caterers here was a nuisance enough to him. Especially with the whole van ordeal.”

“The van ordeal,” Sadie repeats.

“Nothing huge, mind you,” says Finley. “Just that they usually have a single van but this time two arrived. It was the usual one, with the logo of the company on the side, and then a really junky one, which I swear, they never even took anything out of. Finding an out-of-the-way place to stash a couple vans on an estate this big’s not hard. Just an unnecessary annoyance on top of everything else.”

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