Detour Game (Part Fun)


Welcome to the Meh Forum Detour Game!

Today we’re getting a bit sidetracked, so we’ll have to take a detour from the standard shenanigans. The basic rules are only a bit different from the standard game, and this is a one-day-only thread.

All songs will have the same connection today and the game only runs until the end of the Meh-rathon. Connect a new song to the general theme of the day. Try to use the format “Artist - Song Title” when possible. Avoid repeats, and do not make two plays back to back.

No need to worry about repeats from the main branch of the game as this is a one-off.

The theme is Murder Mystery, so look for songs that are about murder, or mystery, or connect cleanly to those concepts with a musician who committed murder or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Share your thoughts in replies and use new comments to continue the thread.

Let’s see if we can kill this post before the end of the event. Load times get shakey around 60 and grind to a halt around 100. Good luck!