8-Pack: Beautyfrizz Mother of Pearl Infused Facial Cleansing Wipes

  • Need to feel clean? S-wipe right on these!
  • (Don’t worry, we also hate us for writing that)
  • Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E, and Mother of Pearl to break down grease and makeup residue
  • Smells like pomegranates
  • Model: 682698578063, which seems pretty ambitious for some face wipes
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Face It: You Sweat A Lot

We’ve officially reached that part of summer. Or, at least, the beginning of that part of summer.

You know what we’re talking about: the stretch of weeks where the heat, the sun, the humidity–it all conspires to make you sweat doing, well, literally anything. Need to walk your dog in the morning? You’re gonna sweat. Go out and get the mail? You’re gonna sweat. Heading into the grocery store? You’re going to sweat in the car as the AC comes on, and then you’re going to cool down to near hypothermic temperatures when the AC really gets going, and then you’re going to sweat all over again making your way across the parking lot.

What we’re saying is: you’re gonna be gross. Like, all the time. Gross, gross, gross.

But you can’t combat this grossness the way you would in, say, early March or late September, when any amount of perspiration is enough to earn you a nice, soothing shower. No way! In late July and August, the shower is reserved only for the big stuff: going for a long run, completing a grueling workout, gardening for hours, mowing the lawn, those sorts of things.

The rest of the time, you’re going to live with the glistening sheen of sweat forever gracing your arms, legs, neck, and face. Otherwise, you’d never leave the blast radius of your shower head.

And yet, you need some reprieve from the salty, oily, grimy feeling of not cleaning up at all, a compromise between taking a full-blown bath and becoming one of those kids you remember from college who never seemed to wear shoes on and were always lobbying for a more robust composting program in the dining hall.

You need to feel a little fresh is what we’re saying. And that’s what these wipes are for. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E, and Mother of Pearl, they’ll break down face grease (and makeup residue) and make you smell like pomegranates.

Are they as refreshing as a shower? No, of course not! But they’ll help you feel a little less disgusting so you can save that shower for when you really need it.

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