The thrift shops are open! Let's buy stuff!

mossygreen thought this was worth mentioning said

Our local Goodwill stores opened, this week? Last week? I don’t know. Time still has little meaning. [It was last week.] Went to two yesterday. At the first one, I bought an opened Camel Lights-branded box of matchbooks from 1992. It was $1.99, which seems like a decent price for approximately 45 new matchbooks, let alone ones branded Camel Cash. At the second, I bought 2 balls of yarn apparently from the same donation I bought about 8 of earlier in the year (half price, even!), 2 balls of Elements hemp jewelry cord, 4 packs of rick rack (also half price!) and a mostly complete Shakespearean insult magnetic poetry-esque kit for a total cost of $6.40. It felt good to be doing something normal-ish, even in a mask.