9-Piece: SecureBrite Ultimate Flashlight and Lantern Bundle

  • You get 3 Large 7" COB LED lanterns, 3 Medium 6" COB LED lanterns, and 3 60x Lumen LED Flashlights
  • That’s, like, so much friggin’ light
  • Great for fun stuff, like hiking and camping, and also not fun stuff, like emergencies
  • Is it good for fans of milk and/or cryptids: No, for that you’ll want to head over to Mediocritee
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Shed Some Light

What can you use these flashlights and lamps for? According to the QVC video we just watched, a whole bunch of stuff!

For example…

You could use them to check the engine when you have car trouble at night.

And then, when you realize you know nothing about cars, you can use them to signal for help.

You can use them to walk the dog after sundown.

Or to find the handle on a door.

Or to take the three steps from your vaguely dim bedroom… into what appears to be an entirely lit house?

They’re even great for when your vindictive partner or roommate turns out the lights on you while you’re reading.

Oh, wait! Plot twist! It was an outage!

Can we be real here? We’re doing gifs because, like, these are a bunch of lanterns and flashlights. You already know what to use them for: those times when you’re like, “Wow it’s dark!”

So get some. And have light when you need it.

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