6-Pack: ASOTV Emergency Magnetic Road Flares

  • Good to have in your car in case of an emergency
  • We’re selling a 6-pack so you can get into a whole bunch of minor accidents!
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

“Dammit, I probably stepped on an ant or some shit,” future Dale said in Swedish. “And now we all speak Swedish here in Swedemerica, which is the name of our country, I believe. Probably doesn’t bear remarking on at any further juncture.”

“Weird,” Dale said in Swedish.

“You could’ve checked yourself,” called out the Dale-vase in the kitchen in Swedish.

“Who said that?” Clone Dale said.

“Another one of the vases that are versions of us from other universes,” Dale said.

“What did you say?” called future Dale.

“If you’re the real Dale, you could’ve checked your own face for a freckle, right?” called the Dale-vase in the kitchen.

“Uh, hello, the freckle is on my upper lip and I’ve got a mustache now, remember?” future Dale said.

“It’s all the time machines,” called the Dale-vase in the kitchen. “I can’t see anything in here.”

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