5-Pack: Men's Everyday Polo Shirts

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When you and your buddies get together in the park for a picnic and a few rounds of corn hole, you wear whatever you want. And when you and your buddies get together in the park for your one buddy’s wedding, you wear what you’re told.

But what about those situations in the middle? The dinner at the not-too-fancy-but-not-to-casual restaurant with the people who might become your in-laws? The backyard party at your boss’s house that would be professionally disadvantageous to skip?

For these situations, you need something a little nicer than a ratty old band t-shirt, but not so weirdly formal as a full button-up and tie. Which is to say, you need these polo shirts. For just $40, you get 5 shirts of the same color that are just collared enough to say “I’ve got my shit together,” yet short-sleeved enough to say, “I’m not super uptight.”

Now, if this all sounds familiar, it’s because we made pretty much the exact same argument last time we sold these. In the copy for that sale, we then pivoted from discussing the polo’s practicality into sharing three facts about polo the sport. But today’s copy is gonna be a little different! As in, we are going to share three different facts about polo. Here goes:

  • Each polo match is preceded by two to three national anthems: the anthem for the home team’s country, the anthem for the away team’s country (if different than the home team’s), and the anthem for Neightlantis, the global country of horses.

  • Polo might never have been invented if it weren’t for a scheduling mishap. A croquet club, an equestrian club, and a soccer team all booked the same field at the same time. And since the field’s manager was stubborn enough to deny his part in the mistake (and also had a strict no-refunds policy) the three groups decided: hey, let’s work together to make the most of this.

  • The sport known as “water polo” was initially much closer to the original polo. It was played in a pool roughly the size of a polo field, and all of the players rode on either dolphins or otters. The rules were eventually modified to what they are now to make it more accessible to those who cannot afford the exorbitant expenses of dolphin and otter stabling.

How do these facts help you make your purchasing decision? They don’t! But then again, we’re selling 5-packs of polo shirts for $40. You were either gonna buy them or you weren’t!

So buy them!

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