5-Pack: Men's Everyday Polo Shirts

  • You know how t-shirts don’t have collars?
  • And you know how dress shirts button all the way down and have long sleeves?
  • What if we told you there was something with a collar but not many buttons and short sleeves?
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  • Sorry to BLOW YOUR MIND!
  • Model: P0L0-C4N-U-60
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Is the polo shirt the coolest, hippest thing in fashion? No. But it’s a great addition to any wardrobe for those times when you want to be just a tad formal but still comfortable.

Backyard barbecue with your college buddies? Wear a t-shirt. Backyard wedding? Wear something nice. But a backyard party with your future in-laws? A polo shirt is a great casual option for conveying that you have your shit together.

Then again, maybe you’re not eyeing these polo shirts as a good tweener option for your closet. Maybe you see these and think you need them because you want to start playing polo. If this is the case, that’s great. But more important than the clothing you wear is the knowledge you have of the sport.

Luckily, we happen to be huge polo fans here at Meh, so we’re going to use this space to share some important facts about the game that beginners will need to know:

  • All polo horses are required to respond to the name “Gerald.” This is a tribute to Gerald Polo, the inventor of polo. This does not mean the horse need be named Gerald, just that they respond to it. And while some decide to name their horses Gerald to keep things uncomplicated, this is often viewed as a sign of an unintelligent horse or a weak-willed rider, causing horses named Gerald to be targeted and bullied on the polo field.

  • Despite what you might hear on polo-related TikTok videos, it is considered bad form to refer to your horse as a ‘big heckin’ polo pupper.’

  • Don’t put your mallet away right after the game. You need it to hammer in the pegs that will keep the massive tent in place for the post-game festivities, including the blood offering to Cliippe-Cloppae, god of equine-based sports.

Anyway, we hope this info helps some of you on your journey to becoming full-fledged polo players.

For the rest: buy these shirts because they have collars!

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