20-Pack: Heidi & Oak Fridge Mats

  • They protect your fridge from YOU
  • Or, at least, the stuff you put in there
  • Easy to clean and colorful
  • Don’t restrict their usefulness to just your fridge, they’re great in cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, dining tables, and any other surface you might muck up
  • Or if you really want to ‘spark joy’, use them to color code the shelves in your fridge for organizational purposes
  • For some more exciting kitchen gear, check out the big Cuisinart sale over on MorningSave
  • Model: M4T-L0CK
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Fill The Fridge

Why are we selling fridge mats today? It’s simple: because your fridge is about to be real full of all your Cuisinart-inspired culinary creations!

At least, that’s if you head over to MorningSave and shop the impressive array of super-marked-down Cuisinart products. Seriously, check it out over there: they’ve got everything from blenders to food processors to espresso machines to electric “cordless wine openers” (which’ll maybe make you laugh until you remember the last time you used a normal corkscrew, got the angle wrong, and then spent the next forty-five minutes trying to dig all the cork out).

There’s a reason Cuisnart is the big name in the kitchen game, and it’s not just because it’s fun to say out loud. First off, they make good stuff. Second, they make stuff that looks good on your counter, which is not as important as the first thing, obviously, but IS nice. And now you can have that Cuisinart quality and curb appeal while paying the same price as the other product that five hours of internet research lead you to believe is almost as good as the Cuisinart (just don’t worry about the weird rattle noise).

Anyway, getting back to our initial point: when you stock up on a bunch of new kitchen gadgets, you’re going to get inspired. Which means, you’re going to cook more stuff than you need. Which means, you’re going to have leftovers. Which means, your fridge is going to fill up. Which means, things are going to get a little gross.

And when they do, these fridge mats are going to be a HUGE help.

Sure, they’re colorful and cute and can help you better organize things in there. But the main reason you’re going to like having these is because they’re easy to clean. You just pull them out, wash them with soap and water, and put them back in so they can keep protecting the shelves (thus helping you put the always daunting task of fully disassembling and deep-cleaning everything for another few months).

So get them, duh! And get some Cuisinart stuff! And get cooking!

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