42-Pack Gift Bags

  • Innovative open-on-top, closed-on-the-bottom design makes them great bags.
  • Some of the designs are for holidays; others are for birthdays; others are just for when it’s give-someone-a-gift o’clock.
  • Model: G1FT-4-L1TTL3-B1T.
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The 29 Gripes of Christmas

Despite its popular representation in media and commerce, the holiday season is not all sunshine, frankincense, and roses. In fact, we’ve got a few gripes with it – 29 to be exact. Follow along all Mehrathon long as we reveal 'em all.

For the fourth Gripe Of Christmas, Meh’s Scrooge-self groused to me: Bloomingdale’s does not have a Burberry counter what in the actual hell.
1: People who call it Frankincense instead of Frankincense’s Monster.
2: The office Christmas potluck is two Costco flans that never got refrigerated, and nuts.
3: ‘When you two gonna get hitched?’ ‘No kids yet?’ ‘Still out of work?’ And other infuriating aunt questions.

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