4-Pack: Spin Master and Bicycle Party Games

  • Not games for children
  • Game for childish adults
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Mixed Blessings: a Cyber Monday Meh-rathon

Some bad news and some good news.


BAD NEWS: There are no IRKs in this Meh-rathon.
GOOD NEWS: We’re selling an IRK as the daily deal over on SideDeal.
BAD NEWS: It costs $50.
GOOD NEWS: If you spend $99.99 (or more) on stuff in this Meh-ration, you’ll be refunded $50. In other words, you get your IRK for free if you buy a bunch of stuff here.

More specifically, about the product:

BAD NEWS: If you buy this for your kids, it might get awkward.
GOOD NEWS: If you play with your adult friends, it might also get awkward but in a fun way.

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