4-Pack Fresh Feet 2 oz Tea Tree Oil Liquid Soap (8 oz)

  • Tiny little bottles, because it’s concentrated
  • Smells like trees made tea
  • It’s a four-pack
  • Scrub scrub scrubitty scrub
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The Foot(?)-rathon(???)

Drink plenty of water, because we’re taking you through 26.2 miles of deals. It’s a marathon. It’s a meh-rathon. But mostly, it’s about your feet.

You know how your mom wanted you to have clean underwear in case you were in a car accident?

This is like that, but for your feet.

Wait, your mom never said that? Guess our mom just really appreciated the need for clean underwear in a time of distress.

Point is, this stuff will help you clean your feet.

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