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4-Pack: Flashlight Glowsticks

  • With just a single AA battery (not included), this thing will turn night into day!
  • Or, help you see in the night, when it’s in flashlight mode.
  • Or, help you be seen in the night, when it’s in glowstick mode.
  • With 60 lumens, it can do strong or low light.
  • Models: NI-NLS1A-M1-R7, NLS1A-03-R7, NLS1A-28-R7. The NI one is definitely the overachiever of the family.
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Ize Wide Open

It was a night much like tonight, just one year ago, when it happened. I’d been doing pub trivia at a brewery off the bike trail. The ride there had been pleasant–the day warm, the sun bright–but by the time it wrapped up, darkness had fallen. My friends offered me rides. They could put my bike in their trunks, they said. But I refused.

Oh, how I wish I could go back and do that decision over! Then I could I have avoided the horror that awaited for me! For just five minutes into my ride along the river and through the woods, my bike light lit upon something terrifying: a couple of teens out for a walk!

To be fair, it was, like, 9 at night. They had the same right to the path as I did. But boy oh boy, did it scare crap out of me. Seriously: no warning, just suddenly ahead of me I see faces. I shouted and nearly rode of the path into the river, and probably scared the crap out of them, too.

What those teens needed were some of these Nite Ize Glowstick Flashlights.

Now, they aren’t competing with your big is-it-a-weapon-or-is-it-a-flashlight Mag Lights. They’re not nightwatchman material. But they can do two things the teens would’ve found very helpful:

  1. In flashlight mode, they can help you see stuff, and…

  2. In glowstick mode, they can help people see you.

Okay, maybe number 2 doesn’t help the teens as much as it would’ve helped me, out on my bike in the dark. Still, it would’ve been a good investment for them, and as the weather gets warmer and you take your evening strolls later and later into the night to avoid the heat, it might be a good investment for you too.

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