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4-or-24-for-Tuesday: 50"x60" Fleece Blankets

  • They’re blankets.
  • Sorry, they’re fleece blankets.
  • Sorry, they’re fleece blankets that come in a 4-pack or a 24-pack.
  • Sorry, they’re fleece blankets that come in a 4-pack or 24-pack but the colors are totally random.
  • Model: FL33C3-W1TH3RSP00N. (No offense to Reese. Seriously, if you’ve got a better fleece pun, be our guest!)
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A New Fleece On Life

Two-for-Tuesday? Where’s the ambition in that? Yes, it sounds nice. But we can’t let alliteration lower our standards. So today, it’s four-for-Tuesday or twenty-four-for-Tuesday (which, I guess is technically alliterative).

That’s right, a choice between four or twenty-four. You know that means, it’s…


In these semi-regular sales, we provide two options: one a fair number of things for a good price; the other is an unfair number of things for a GREAT price. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Today’s product is…


I don’t know about where you all live, but here, the weather has taken a dark turn. It even snowed yesterday! Which means: it’s time to make a nice cup of tea or cocoa and bundle up under a fleece blanket on the couch with one to twelve dogs and/or cats for the next five months.


The four-pack will run you $14. That’s $3.50 per blanket. Not bad, right? But wait! The twenty-four pack goes for $60. That’s $2.50 per blanket. But wait even more! If the first four cost $14, that means the last twenty cost just $46, which is $2.30 per blanket! Does it make sense to break it down like that? Probably not! But that’s how we do it here on Order/Hoarder days!


With four fleece blankets, you can put one on the couch, one on recliner, keep one in the office, and still have a backup to rotate in when one is being washed. Or, store them all in a closet and break them out for a late fall bonfire.


So! Much! For example:

  • You could give them out as gifts to twenty-four of your favorite people!

  • Or, if you don’t have twenty-four favorite people, give them as gifts to twelve of your favorite people! (You can use the remaining twelve fleece blankets as wrapping paper for the other twelve fleece blankets!)

  • Send one to each venue on your favorite band’s 24-stop winter tour to show you’re a true fan!

  • Or, give one to all but four members of the twenty-eight piece Swedish indie pop group, I’m From Barcelona, in case they have to play any cold weather outdoor festivals! If they complain about not everyone getting a blanket, just tell them you’re not the idiot who decided to start a twenty-eight person band!

  • Use them to build a winter-ready tent in the bank yard! Actually, hell, you’ve got 24 fleece blankets! Build a winter-ready tent mansion!

  • Interior decorators will tell you that the right lighting can give rooms a soft, warm feeling; we say, why stop at lights? Why not take that “soft, warm feeling” over the top by wallpapering your house with fleece blankets?

See? Maybe twenty-four fleece blankets isn’t so impractical after all.

So, what’s it going to be: are you going to place a boring old order, or are you going to take the exciting first steps to becoming a fleece blanket hoarder?

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