3-Pack: Super Bright Zoomable Cree LED Tactical Flashlights

  • They have 5 modes, all of which involve light
  • 1200 lumens, they say
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries or one 18650
  • Their favorite movie of 2023 so far: Cree(d) III
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More Than an App

The flashlight on your phone is the boxed pasta of the handheld light world: convenient, easy, and not intended for important jobs.

Seriously, if you went to Evan Funke’s Mother Wolf, where the cheapest pasta dish is $24 (and is, if I’m reading this correctly, just spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, and some peppers), and you glanced into the kitchen and saw the chefs cracking boxes of Barilla, you would, smartly, walk out.

Likewise, if you go down to your basement to fix your hot water heater (a job that you’re already almost definitely not qualified to be doing, and which could cost you a pretty penny if you mess it up), you want something more than an iPhone light in your breast pocket for illumination.

(Is this connection between boxed pasta and cell phone lights a bit of a stretch? Maybe. But I’m writing this before lunch, okay? I’m hungry!)

These lights would be perfect for such a job. They’re not huge, but they’re also not teeny-tiny. They have five modes. They take three AAA batteries (or one 18650 battery). And they’re bright.

How bright? 1200 lumens, they claim, but @enkrypt has some suspicions:

No way this is actually 1200 lumens, but good little flashlight nonetheless!

And you get three of these good little flashlights for about ten bucks. So you can stash them in different places around your house or distribute them amongst your children, like @WGRichie:

I have 2 of these flashlights, bought as Xmas gifts for my kids, they work great, definitely recommend ordering if you use flashlights often.

So get some good flashlights! Because it’s good to have good flashlights!

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go eat.

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