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3-For-Tuesday: Xtreme Sound Sidekick Bluetooth Earbuds with Virtual Assistant

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in microphone
  • Press to activate virtual assistant (Siri or Google)
  • Model: XBE9-0115, which sounds like a Star Wars droid from back when we thought a robot assistant would follow you around like a butler instead of being build into your phone
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We’re going to need a ghost for this one.

Join us for a journey through time. [mystical ghost noises]

Look there, through that window! The year is 1910 and that enterprising young fellow hunched over his kitchen table is Nathanial Baldwin. He became so fed up with a world of relentless radio noise that he invented the first ever headphones.

[mystical ghost noises]

Welcome to 1971. That scruffy fellow on the beanbag is halfway through his first listen to “Stairway to Heaven.” Oh he’s so excited. Look at him hop out of his seat. Now watch him ruin everything by moving too far from the record player and yanking the whole thing sideways with his too-short headphone cord.

[mystical ghost noises]

It’s 2002. Everyone has an iPod and they all have the same hip white headphone cords. They wear them constantly, get them caught on everything, and always need to untangle the damn things.

[mystical ghost noises]

2012! Wow. Still with the stringy white headphones. No wonder Apple can afford a space station.

Okay forget it. Here’s the thing. Anyone from any of those major moments in headphone history would have been blown away by something as elegantly simple as these Bluetooth earbuds.

Not only can you have awesome wireless sound pumped directly into your thirsty little earholes, but you’ll also have all kinds of handy control over your phone, including Siri and whatever Google calls their thing. So no matter which side of that inevitable robot uprising you happen to be on, these will let you boss around your virtual assistant until they inevitably come to end us all.

In the meantime, get your hands on one of the best deals going when it comes to wireless earbuds, all while you step into the 21st century of audio technology where you rightfully belong.

And three for fifteen bucks? That’s a no-brainer. Hook the family up ASAP.

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