24-Pack: Steve Madden Men's Flat Knit Low Cut Socks

  • You know how people wear things called “socks”?
  • Well, these are socks
  • Socks, socks, socks
  • 24 total pairs of socks
  • Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered over on SideDeal
  • Do they come in Georgia Red: buddy, they’re beneath your shoes, so who fucking cares?
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It's Just Socks

It’s Just Socks

Even if you have some, you need some.

These are some basic socks.

Just buy them, okay?


Because you need some new basic socks. You always need some new basic socks. Like, always. All the time. Seriously.

Here, take a moment and go look in your sock drawer. Then, tell us if you see:

  1. Ultra-thin dress socks that not only are way too formal for everyday use, they’re also kinda weird and uncomfortable;

  2. Some way-too-long tube socks that you don’t even remember buying;

  3. A few pairs of wool socks that are nice in the winter but too hot for temperatures over 40 degrees;

  4. A pair of ankle-length socks that are totally shredded on the sides and the heel but somehow have avoided the garbage because there are no rips in the toe area (this being the single part of a man’s sock that, if compromised, results in immediate disposal);

  5. Some socks from roughly 1996 that have maintained structural stability but have lost all elasticity and will, immediately upon your departure from home, slip beneath your shoe’s ankle, filling you with sorrow and rage immeasurable; or…

  6. One each of the above five categories.

Go ahead. Go check. And then come back, tell us we were right, and buy some socks.

BTW: yes, this is the whole write-up. They’re socks, people. They’re not some new VR glasses. They provide a comfortable membrane between your gross feet and your gross shoes. That’s it.

And if you’re wondering why this is so angry, the answer is simple: the copywriter in charge of this is currently wearing a sock on his left foot that has a hole right where the big toe can sneak through.

Anyway, buy some socks. Have we made that clear?

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