2-Pack: VEGA Protein & Energy Coffee Protein Powder with MCT Oil (3.86 lb Total)

  • Each serving of this stuff has the following: 20 grams protein, 100 milligrams caffeine, 160 calories, no added sugar
  • Also, 3 grams of MCT oil to “promote energy”
  • And you get a BUNCH of servings here
  • Amazon reviewers say it tastes great
  • It’s easy to roll your eyes at Keto-friendly vegan coffee protein powder, but if you’re a powder-fiend, you could do much worse than this stuff
  • Model: VEG00639, paying homage to LOTR star Vegoo Mortensen
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Today’s sale is titled:

2-Pack: VEGA Protein & Energy Vegan Coffee Protein Powder with MCT Oil

And if that seems like a lot of info, you should see what Amazon has it listed as:

Vega Protein & Energy, Cold Brew Coffee, Plant Based Coffee Protein Powder - Vegan Protein Powder, Keto-Friendly, MCT Oil, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non GMO

We know, we know. It’s amazing that they put together more than 25 words and none of them are “soul” and/or “cycle.”

By which we mean: we get it if there’s something about this that makes you want to roll your eyes, especially if protein supplements aren’t your jam. And if they are your jam, you probably just want the facts, so here we go. Each serving is only about 160 calories and has zero added sugar. What it does have, though, is 20 grams of protein and 100 milligrams of caffeine. A quick Google search reveals that this is more-or-less the same amount as in a cup of coffee and a little less than in a double-shot of espresso. But that’s not the only thing to give you a boost. Each serving also has “3 grams of MCT Oil from coconut to promote energy.”

So, not ‘energy’ but just some promotion for the concept of energy? We’re not entirely sure, and we’re not super inclined to do much research, given that the workout supplement blog-o-sphere is an echo chamber generally reverberating with the same empty buzzwords one finds on the packaging.

We’re doing a bang-up sales job here, aren’t we? But, really, here’s the super basic pitch: maybe you’ve long been interested in giving protein powder a try, or maybe you’re looking for something new to help keep your eyes open as we enter the dark zone of winter. Either way, this is a lot of caffeinated protein-packed powder for not much money. And it scores really high marks, and apparently tastes great.

Btw, for the work-from-homers out there, if there were ever a time to give something like this a try, it’s now, when you have access to your home toilet if it doesn’t sit well.

Is that really the note we want to end on?

Sure, why not.

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