2-Pack: Ultra-Thin 1080p HDTV Antennas

  • There’s television floating around in the air we breath
  • Local channels are like a free streaming service where you don’t need to make any choices
  • Good for getting around regional blackouts on sports streaming services, assuming your local team hasn’t decided to absolutely screw its fanbase over by greedily signing up with some shitty cable channel
  • Model: 4NT3NN-0UT-0F-T3NN
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Non Demand

For everyone, but especially those who’ve “cut the cord” and rely mostly on streaming services, getting a couple digital antennas is actually practical. After all, it’s September. We’re in the home stretch of the baseball season, football is about to kick off, and basketball and hockey are right around the corner. And if you happen to support a local team in any one of those sports that hasn’t selfishly sold out to some bullshit cable-only channel, you could potentially watch them for FREE with these!

But it’s not just for sports. There’s also the Thanksgiving Day Parade in just a few months, and not long after that, the ball dropping to ring in 2022 (crazy, right?). Which is to say nothing about keeping up with the regional happenings via the local news year-round.

So yeah, digital antennas have plenty of practical value. But they also provide what is becoming a very rare experience.

Let’s say, for example, you’re one of those people we mentioned above: someone who doesn’t have cable and relies on a smorgasbord of pluses, maxes, primes, flixes, and lues to get your TV/movie fix. And let’s say you don’t follow baseball or football or basketball or hockey. Also, you couldn’t care less about the Thanksgiving Day Parade beyond its Charlie Brown balloon figuring into a Shark Tank parody from I Think You Should Leave. As for New Year’s Eve, you didn’t even realize it was 2021 already.

If this describes you, you might say, “I don’t need a digital antenna!”

To which we would reply, “But you’re here, aren’t you?”

After all, what is the joy of the deal-a-day model? Its ability to distill the entire shopping experience into a simple yes-or-no question: do you want this thing? That’s what you get with a few basic-ass channels too. You’ll never think, I should turn something on while I get a few chores done around the house, and then spend the next six hours trying to decide which show to stream out of the roughly one billion you have access to. Instead, you’ll turn on the TV. You’ll see what’s on. And you’ll ask yourself, “Do I want this on in the background?” Then, you’ll either (half-)watch or you won’t.

Now, doesn’t that just sound so… refreshing?

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