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2-Pack: Thermos 24oz Hydration Tracking Smart Bottles

  • 2 bottles with lids that are WATCHING YOU
  • Basically, the lids sync with an app to keep track of how much you’re hydrating
  • Will also help you set hydration goals and tell you the temperature and water level
  • So, the Thermos app works great, but just FYI: people have had issues syncing these with their FitBits
  • Model: P4005TL3, SP4005SM4; they might look like those fake model numbers we do that are actually words, but they’re not
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Hydrate for Head Health

Hey, it’s me, Mysterious Headache.

Now, you don’t want me here because, well, I’m a mysterious headache. And I don’t want to be here because, before I got called into work just now, I was in the middle of a rousing game of Hearts with my two pals, Unexplainable Watery Eyes and Sudden Sinus Congestion.

So let’s just cut right to the chase. I’ll run you through a few questions about why I might’ve been sent here, and I need you to answer honestly. Sound good? Great.

Did you have any misleadingly strong cocktails last night? No? Okay, so I’m not a hangover.

How about coffee? Did you have one of those weird brain fart mornings where you forget to drink coffee? Another no? Okay, then I’m not caffeine withdrawals.

Last one: have you had enough water today? Yes?

Are you sure? Like, really really sure? Like, totally absolutely certain?

Sorry, I don’t mean to imply that you’re lying to me. What I’m saying is, maybe you woke up thirsty and drank a tall glass of water, but you haven’t had any since then. Or you think you drank four cups at lunch, except the glasses were really small, and the waiter kept refilling them before you could finish so maybe you had just one. Or you filled up your water bottle and you’ve been sipping it on and off all day, but not enough.

My point is: hydration is important but it’s also hard to keep track of. Which is why, whenever I make these “house calls,” I recommend people get a Thermos with a smart lid. Basically, you synch it to an app, and then if you want to know how much water you’ve had, or what’s a reasonable hydration goal, or just the temperature and level of the water in your bottle–you just take out your phone and check.

Convenient, right?

So, why don’t you buy a two-pack, give one to a friend, fill the other up, take a nice big swig, and hopefully I’ll be gone soon! How does that sound?

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