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2-Pack: Studio by Belkin 10W Wireless Rapid Charging Stands

  • They’ll keep your phone upright while it charges
  • I.e., you can keep scrolling
  • Belkin is a good brand when it comes to affordable but reliable phone accessories
  • One for by the bed, one for at your desk, with WFH, those could be 10 feet apart, but they’re a long 10 feet
  • Model: R1N6-0UR-83LK1N
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Stands Up To The Competition

Here’s what we love about Belkin stuff: it’s a brand you can trust, but it’s not the trusted brand.

Let us explain.

If you’ve ever shopped for so much as a plastic protective case, you know that the world of phone accessories is an epic shit show. For a while, you basically had two options:

OPTION 1 - You could save a little money buying something at the gas station checkout counter or the kiosk at the mall. We’re talking something from a company called GloboTek or KickFlip Mobile or some other brand whose website you wouldn’t visit for fear that it would download a file called Pay_load.exe onto your hard drive. These accessories had about a 60% rate of actually working fresh out the box, and every few days your chances would go down by 5 to 8%. In other words, not long for this world.


OPTION 2 - You could go straight to the manufacturer and buy a charging cable for the bargain bin price of $56. Even worse, you could go to the phone store and end up shelling out even more for something with a lifetime guarantee. You know what we’re talking about, the thing where you go online and register your screen protector or whatever and then, if it breaks, they’ll send you a new one. And you’d nod along with the sales rep as he or she explained all this, both of you knowing full well that you will never do any of it, because life is simply too short to spend time filling out extra forms on the internet, especially ones concerning screen protectors.

Then, thankfully, Belkin came along with a mind-blowing business model: they’d make good stuff that was also affordable. And this charging pad is no exception. Just look at it. It’s sleek. It’s powerful. It’s practical, allowing you to browse and charge at the same time. And we’ll give you two of them for just $29.

That’s what we mean when we say they’re a trusted brand but not the trusted brand. Because you know what you can get for $29 at the Apple store? A confused look from one of their “geniuses.”

We prefer these Belkins. And you will too.

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