2-Pack: StoreSmith Rope Baskets (20" or 25")

  • The perfect baskets for pretending you only own baskets.
  • Lovely style with plenty of storage capacity.
  • Handles if you need to flee with your sack of unruly possessions.
  • Won’t this make me seem like I have no personality? A little, but make up for it with an expressive t-shirt from Mediocritee.
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Hide It In Plain Sight

Hold on to your butts, because your place is about to look like a damn Pottery Barn catalog.

Because when it comes to home decor, the thing that separates impeccable and tasteful homes from actual homes inhabited by actual people is the ability to pretend that no one lives there and, if they do live there, that they don’t have any genuine possessions.

Honestly, we’re pretty sure that catalog houses are really just CGI. Think about it. How easy would that be? Several of you are going to prove it in the comments with the bot.

This means that unless you happen to be friends with one of these Better Homes and Gardens psychopaths, your best shot at seeing this phenomenon in action is going to a real estate open house. Poke your head into the master bathroom and you’ll find no visible toothbrushes or toiletries. Check out the kids’ rooms and you’ll find pristine floors and a tasteful amount of aesthetically agreeable toys spaced evenly on some shelves. Pop down to the living room, where you’ll find no phone chargers, magazines, or other evidence of human life. While you’re wandering around, count shoes. There definitely won’t be enough of them around to sustain however many people live there.

Well, don’t sweat it, because it’s all lies. Two-thirds of their shit went into storage after they were clutter-shamed by their realtor and they probably dragged several grocery bags full of stuff with them to the car when they ran out the door to make themselves scarce before you arrived. The kids’ actual toys all went to Goodwill a week ago and the shoes are buried in the backyard next to the failing septic tank they failed to disclose on the home listing.

But since it’s objectively terrible to force your ten-year-old to pretend that the only toy he enjoys is a lovely wooden duck on a pull string that looks great in photos and you probably don’t want to ride out to the storage unit every time you need your living room quilt, you’re going to want a stylish way to hide things sometimes.

So…rope baskets! Look how pretty. And even though the photos here go out of their way to only show you preposterously stylish objects to keep inside of them, the real story here is that you can use these stylish baskets to hide your most unstylish items. Think toys (real toys) and blankets (ugly ones) and laundry. Random living room junk when company is coming. Your least photogenic child. Whatever you want tucked away out of sight can disappear as if by Instagram home organization influencer magic.

Turns out you really can have it all. You just can’t let anyone else see.

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