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2-Pack: SmartSurge Wi-Fi Surge Protectors with 2 USB Ports

  • You get 4 outlets and 2 USB hubs
  • But wait, there’s more!
  • It’s wi-fi enabled, so that you can control all of the stuff plugged into it (at the same time or each thing separately) through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Or through “Microsoft Cortana,” a thing that exists apparently
  • Model: 0UTL3T-TH3-R16HT-0N3-1N
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Even More Classic Monster Humor

In honor of the Merkury Innovations SmartSurge–a wi-fi enabled 4 outlet, 2 USB surge protector that’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana–and Monstrositees–currently available at Mediocritee–we proudly present:


Thus concludes today’s edition of:


(Wolf Man and Creature From The Black Lagoon shirts currently available at Mediocritee.)

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