2-Pack: Cascading Quick Card Wallets

  • Two wallets, each with an internal lever system to pop out your cards in a perfectly spaced visual cascade for the eyes
  • The special lever keeps all your cards evenly spaced out and easy to see
  • Fits up to 12 cards in two sections, each with their own lever
  • A frame made from solid aluminum alloy, so it’s tough on the inside
  • Wrapped in a faux black leather, so it’s soft on the outside
  • Get one for each pocket
  • Or, give one to someone else
  • RFID protection, lol
  • Model: 02909, or 2909, for the haters of superfluous numbers out there
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What can we really say about these wallets?

They’re sleek. They’re simple. They’re not super bulky. They have these cool lever system that pops your cards out in a cascading fashion. They also feature RFID protection, so they’ll keep you safe against digital pickpockets who likely don’t exist. (Or at least there are not nearly as many as the makers of RFID-protecting wallets would have you believe.)

And we’ll give you two of them! That means you can have one with all your real cards in one pocket, and a decoy in the other.

Of course, we really wanted to sell these today to coincide with day 1 of the MLB playoffs.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Meh, the playoffs started yesterday! But we’re not talking about Major League Baseball. We’re talking about Money League Baseball, with such stars as:

  • Mark McGwire-Transfer
  • Mookie Bets
  • Hunter Sixpence
  • José Boughtista
  • Paid Boggs

And such teams as:

  • The Saint Louis MasterCardinals
  • The Cincinnati In-The-Reds
  • The Tampa Bay Raise
  • The New York InvestMet Portfolios
  • The Houston Cashstros

And such commentators as:

  • Joe Bucks

Okay, are these puns terrible? Yes. But you try and come up with something interesting to say about friggin’ wallets!

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