2-Pack of InstaCharge 4000mAh Power Banks

  • Couple of little 4000mAh power banks
  • Not the biggest power payload but also you get two for less than $10, so…
  • Choose a kewl design
  • Has a built-in flashlight, which is actually useful since this is something you might use during a power outage
  • Model: W4T3R-P0W3R-Y345T
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Who Put You In Charge? (We Did)

Maybe there’s a power outage. Maybe you’re out grocery shopping and your phone goes into the red when you’re just halfway through. Maybe you’re listening to a podcast while getting some gardening done and don’t have an outdoor outlet nearby.

Point is, even you’re not on an airplane or rushing through an airport, it’s still good to have a little extra charge around. And that’s what you get with this 2-Pack of InstaCharge Power Banks. With 4000mAh, each one packs enough power to recharge your phone a couple times, give or take. In other words, not exactly heavy duty stuff here, but also not super cumbersome. Plus, they look cool, and, oh, did we mention? It’s just $9 for two of them.

That means you’ll have enough money left over to buy something to energize you. Like a good energy drink. No, we’re not talking about Red Bull or Monster or any of that. We’re talking about a nice energizing… alcoholic beverage. It might sound like an oxymoron, we know, but there are some great boozy drinks that’ll give you a little extra oomph. For example:

  • a Volt 45
  • a mint joulep
  • a Watt Claw
  • a glass of Chargeonnay
  • a shot of Knob (and Tube) Creek
  • a stein of Sam Adams Shocktoberfest Lager
  • a buzzy navel
  • a Tohm Collins
  • a whiskey power
  • or a pint of bitter GFCIPA.

Don’t those sound delicious? So grab a couple power banks and use the money you save on getting a little… buzzed?

Sorry. We are really, really bored today.

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