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2-Pack MobilePower Rechargeable & Extendable LED Worklights with Swivel Head

  • They’ll work as a flashlight or a work light
  • Plus, they’ve got red LEDs that flash, so you can use them in emergencies
  • They’ll also charge your phone and polish your glasses
  • Okay, they don’t actually polish your glasses
  • Model: 4065, which is the year these expire (we’ll all be glowing omniscient orbs by then, so it’ll be okay)
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Hear That?

Hi. It’s me, that noise you just heard in the middle of the night.

What am I? I don’t know. I could be a boa constrictor who, after escaping from my owner’s cage, now lives in the sewer system, emerging from toilets to read havoc in your neighborhood. Didn’t you read an article about something like that recently? Or maybe I’m a mountain lion who’s slipped in through that window in the basement that you’ve been meaning to seal.

Or, more likely, I’m your cat. Or I’m the fridge. Or any number of totally mundane things. It’s also possible that you’re not as awake as you think you are and what actually woke you up was a noise you yourself manifested in your own mind.

Nine times out of ten, you’re going to ignore me and fall right back asleep. But occasionally, your curiosity (i.e. terror) will get the best of you. Which means you have two options:

  1. Stay in bed, your eyes wide open, staring at the bedroom door until dawn; or…

  2. Just get up and reassure yourself that there’s nothing wrong.

If you choose the second option, you’re going to want some light. After all, walking through your dark house at 2am will only going to make things worse. Now, you could turn on the lights, but that feels a bit too intense. And your phone’s light is just too tiny. So, what do you do?

Grab a good flashlight.

Like one of these. They’ve got a 50 lumen spotlight, so you can see exactly what I am, whether that be the aforementioned boa constrictor or mountain lion, or more likely, the piece of tin foil that the ceiling fan blew off the counter, making a strange crinkly noise.

But these things can do a lot more than help you figure out the origins of strange sounds in the night. They can also function as work lights for when you’re doing a few home improvement projects under the sink or in that dark corner of the basement. And they can work as emergency flashers. Not to mention, they’ve got a USB charging port if your phone needs a little juice. In other words, it’s great to have one around. And you can get two for $20.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m needed at the neighbors to make a noise that might be something scurrying through the AC ducts. (Just kidding: it’s just the central air getting ready to turn on.)

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