2-Pack: Logitech 10-Watt Wireless Charging Stands for Phones & Airpods

  • Charge your phone or use your phone? That used to be the question
  • Perfect angle for watching/using your phone as it juices up
  • Logitech is good, and these will charge your phone or even your AirPods fast
  • Their favorite classroom drama: Stand and Deliver
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Watch, Listen, Get Stuff Done

Doing the dishes. Cleaning up around the kitchen. Prepping some ingredients. Cooking.

These aren’t things everyone likes to do. But they can be fun if you have the right setup. Now, for some people, they’re a chance to unplug a little bit. No screens, no earbuds, nothing but you and the task at hand. And that’s cool. But others of you can’t clean a single plate without SOMETHING to keep you entertained.

You need to listen to a podcast, for example, or an audiobook. Or you have to turn on a show or a video. Or a baseball game, or a basketball game, or-- you get it, right? What we’re saying is that you need something to listen to or watch.

The only issue with this? Well, there are two actually:

  1. Watching or listening to something will use your battery life. And there’s nothing worse than getting to the good part of a show/podcast/game and seeing that notification pop up letting you know that you’re in the red. If your phone is fairly new, you might be able to finish before you lose power. If you’ve had your phone for two years or more, you’ve got fourteen seconds to find a charger.

  2. You need a good angle. This is obvious for visual media–you don’t want to be looking down at a flat phone all the time–but it’s also nice for audio stuff too. Like, how annoying is it when a podcast ad starts playing, and so you wipe your hands real fast, dig that phone out of your pocket or wherever it is, and tap the forward button, only to find that you’ve let enough of the ad elapse and so that 15 seconds ahead sends you into the episode proper?

Are these things big problems? Not really. But we have a solution to them nonetheless. And that solution isn’t super pricey. It’s today’s deal: two charging stands for $29.99. The charging part means your phone won’t die mid-GBBO episode leaving you with a whole sink of dishes to clean in silence. And the stand-part means you can see the tacos they’re making. Because tacos are baking, apparently!

So grab yourself a two-pack and enjoy a little more convenience while charging your phone.

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