Spooky Goat day twenty-five! SPOOKY VENTRILOQUIST DUMMIES



If you have the Movies! Network channel, they’re showing spooky movies all day! You’ve already missed a bunch! But at 7 pm central they’re showing the 1978 Anthony Hopkins-led thriller Magic, the edited-for-television version of which freaked me out in the mid-'80’s, followed by 1964’s Devil Doll, which is not as good but still very interesting (Svengoolie showed it earlier in the year). It’s good to remember, in this age when Martha Stewart breaks up Anthony Hopkins because she can’t get past Hannibal Lecter, that he was once super-cute in the Paul McCartney/David Hemmings mode, and STILL super-creepy!
I couldn’t find a free streaming Magic, so here’s the trailer:

And here’s the Siskel & Ebert review:

And here’s a scene featuring Burgess Meredith AND David Ogden Stiers

Here’s Devil Doll in its entirety:

When I was very little we had neighbors whose daughter babysat us upon occasion, and her younger brother had a ventriloquist’s dummy in a shopping cart (or baby carriage?) in the basement, and it TERRIFIED ME. Literally the only thing I remember about the family.

Here’s a terrifying dummy that crossed my twitter feed last week:
/image peter patter dummy