2-Pack: KeySmart PRO with Tile Smart Location

  • Each one fits up to 10 keys (or more if you get some expansion accessories)
  • You can use the Tile App to know where you left your keys and/or make them ring
  • A single charge lasts 3 months
  • Built-in bottle opener and flashlight on each
  • You give us money; we send you two
  • Here’s a nifty video
  • Are they available in Georgia Red: Holy shit, they actually are?
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The Key to a Good Summer

If someone said it was time to stock up on summer gear, you’d probably think about stuff like sandals and sunglasses. A new bathing suit, maybe a cooler, maybe one of those little handheld fan-things, maybe a new AC unit.

Your mind would definitely not go immediately to something for holding a bunch of keys, like these KeySmart PROs. But believe us, these are a must for the summer months.

Think about it: in the winter, you wear long pants. You wear winter coats with deep pockets, sometimes over top of a sweater or sweatshirt which itself has deep pockets. And all of that stuff is thick, maybe even lined. Which is to say: you have so many places to put your unsightly wad of keys where they will be neither seen nor felt.

But in the summer? You’re wearing your light shorts or your capris or what have you. And that big ring of keys you’ve got is stabbing you in the thigh while making it look like you’re walking around with some jagged deformed mollusk in your pocket.

Which brings us back to these KeySmart PROs. Each one can convert an unsightly jumble of up to 10 keys–or more, with expansions–into a compact Swiss Army Knife of pure opening power that’ll take up very little of your precious summer pocket real estate. And by the way, when we say ‘opening power,’ we don’t just mean to open your doors; this thing can crack open beers too, with its built-in bottle opener.

But of course, there are downsides to everything. After all, the one good thing about big poorly organized keyring is that it’s harder to lose because it takes up a bunch of space and jingles a lot. Therefore, by converting them into something tight and organized, your keys are more likely to go missing, right?

Wrong! Because this thing features Tile Smart Location. That means you’ll be able to use the Tile App to see their location or even make them ring.

Okay, so we’ve gotten a bit off track the whole ‘summer accessory’ thing. But who cares. The point is, these things are pretty cool and pretty practical. So get a couple!

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