2-Pack: Juku STEAM Toys (Light Games & Light Show)

  • Includes both the Light Games and Light Show coding kits
  • Light Games kit comes with a queen block, joystick block, light box, mic block, and mini USB cable
  • Light Show kit comes with 2 LED light strips, a queen block, and a mini USB cable
  • Computer necessary for downloading the software and coding
  • Model: ODV003-NOC-STK-12, ODV004-NOC-STK-12.
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Is This STEAMpunk?

Listen up and listen good, people. We need to prepare the next generation for the inevitable cyber wars to come!

Originally I was going to talk about a war with robots, but that’s pretty overdone by now, right? Passé.

No, today I’m talking about digital proxy wars fought between ruling megacorporations by elite hacker-soldiers in the abstract data tunnels of the DARK WEB. Like The Matrix and TRON meets Deus Ex and Cyberpunk.

It’s all coming together. Just look at Amazon, Microsoft, Disney… the mouse can only stave off its bloodlust for so long. Even our change from Mediocre to Mercatalyst was a precursor to our eventual transformation into a giant, cold, and sterile megacorporation ready to stake our claim!

In 10 or 20 years, our children will be grown and entering the workforce, and the most lucrative of professions shall be the elite hacker-soldiers! They must be prepared!

So, we give you now the tools you need to prepare your children. See how they can assemble their own light show to blind and bemuse their foes! Watch as they create the perfect attack simulation by building their own games! Be befuddled when they try to explain coding to you while you’re just sort of like, “Dang, we used to make parachutes for eggs I guess. That was cool, right?“

Anyway, these look like fun. Wish I could’ve made my own light show or computer games when I was a kid.

Oh well, at least I’ll always have the memories of parachute egg.

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