2-Pack: Jam Plus Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speakers (Refurbished)

  • 2 totally respectable little speakers
  • Use them individually, or pair them together to work as stereo speakers
  • 30’ range, 4 hours of playback, very portable, very cool!
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Very Much Fine!

Maybe at home in your living room, or your den, or your man cave, or your girl grotto–maybe there you’ve got something permanent set up. We’re talking surround sound speakers built into the wall for an immersive audio experience, a wave of noise so grand you can feel it as intensely as you hear it, a swirling aural aura in which you do not simply listen; instead, the sound travels through you, briefly merging with your soul so that you are, for a glimmering moment, not entirely human, but something much more beautiful.

If so, dope. Congrats. Seriously, great stuff. We’re happy for you.

But a lot of us don’t have that. Maybe our houses are small, or the walls between our apartment and the next are too thin. Or else, we do have something like that set up, but then we go on vacation to the lake house, and we’re sitting out on the deck, and someone’s like: shall I put on a little music? And when we say yes, they put their phone down on the little rattan table to listen to their Spotify app.

Point is, sometimes you don’t need the big kahuna. Sometimes you just need a couple little bluetooth speakers that work in stereo and sound fine. And that’s exactly what you’re getting with these Jams. They’re small. They’re portable. And they’ve got a super respectable 4.1 stars out of 5 based on 1,877 Amazon reviews.

What earns them such high marks? According to 5-star reviewer hojobj, it’s because they’re just good speakers that do what they’re supposed to:

I bought two so I didn’t have to hook my phone to regular speakers at home. For the price I didn’t expect Bose-quality sound, but the sound is actually decent, especially when the two speakers are paired. They fit my purpose of mostly listening to podcasts while I work at home.

(And we should note, some of the negative reviews that you might see? It’s because of a model issue. Basically, the HX-P240 doesn’t do stereo, but these–model HX-P240A–do.)

So, yeah. Not gonna replace your immersive noise dungeon or anything, but really great for if you need to put on a podcast while you get some cooking or cleaning done. And that ain’t bad, if you ask us!

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