5-Pack: Ivory Ella by Conair Backpacks

  • Laptop pocket and a bunch of compartments
  • For people who like a little flair
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

Now did all the Dales jump, except for the Dales that were vases, but even they seemed to take on a more frightened-looking vase-ness.

“I take it by your fear and reverence that you understand who I am, and what my purpose is,” said the Hammer of Dale Doom. “But I shall introduce myself nonetheless. I am the Hammer of Dale Doom, and it is my sole purpose in life–if you can use such a paltry word to describe my godlike existence–is to rid not just my own universe of Dale, but to bring doom upon all Dales the multiverse over, so that when I am finished, there shall be no memory of there ever being a Dale at all.”

“But there are infinite universes, right?” Dale said.

“I have my methods,” said the Hammer of Dale Doom.

“And wait, some of the Dales are smells,” Dale said. “How do you smash a smell?”

“Again, I say only: I have my methods,” said the Hammer of Dale Doom.

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