2-Pack: iHome Bluetooth Speaker Clocks with 360° UV-C Sanitizer

  • Wake up on time without having to look at your phone
  • It can charge your phone and clean your phone and play music from your phone
  • Don’t forget the IRK!
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Multi-pack Madness: Across the Mehltiverse

Dale ignored this, turning his attention instead to look from one vase to another (except the vase in the kitchen, who was blocked by clone Dale’s time machine). “And that’s the other thing. This multiverse garbage. Seriously, what gives? I liked Spiderverse as much as the next guy, but now it’s starting to feel a little lazy. And dishonest.”

“How is it dishonest?” asked clone Dale.

“Because it gives narratives the veneer of complexity,” Dale said, “when really it’s an easy excuse. The same franchises are rebooted year after year after year, and now we’re supposed to pretend it was all on purpose? Not to mention it provides storytellers with easy cop-out it-was-all-a-dream deus-ex-machina explanations that, again, falsely imply intricacy. Like, how come all these vases are immobile, and yet, the Hammer of Dale Doom can float and in his story, the inanimate objects could move on their own accord?”

“Oh,” said the Hammer of Dale Doom, “uhh, that’s because it was a different universe, one where different rules apply.”

“See?” Dale said, gesturing wildly to the room before his eyes set on future Dale.

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