2-Pack: Clean Reach Extendable Scrubbers with Replacement Pads

  • You know how the ceiling is up there?
  • Well, these can go up there
  • Or down there
  • Or around that thing
  • You get 2 extendable scrubbers with 6 replacement pads
  • Model: CLR001DR, because when it comes to scrubbing, this is CLeaRly your number (00)1 cleaning DoctoR (yes, it makes perfect sense, actually)
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Scrubbing: a Q&A

Today’s product is so simple and effective that we thought, what better way to highlight its many great features than with an equally simple and effective format, the Q&A!

Here we go:

So, it’s an extendable scrubber, which makes it great for cleaning those high-up, hard-to-reach places, but what about other areas?

The Clean Reach extendable scrubber isn’t just for cleaning dust off the ceiling. It can help all over. For example, maybe you want to scrub under the couch. Or maybe you want to clean around the toilet but don’t want to get down on your hands and knees. To see how easy it is, just check out this video:

So they’re great for cleaning. Got it. But what about cleaning them?

It’s super easy. Simply rinse them off, and… that’s it! You’re done!

But what do you do if the pad wears out?

You put another on. In fact, we’re even throwing in six replacement pads to go along with your two extendable scrubbers!

How tough are these things?


Tough enough, in your estimation, to deal with the wasp nest on the ceiling in the corner of my living room?

Wait, you have a wasp nest in your living room?

I think that’s what it is. Are wasps the ones that look like scorpions but fly extremely fast, making almost no noise at all?

Sorry, there are winged scorpions? In your living room? Like, inside your house?

You’re almost right. Only thing is, no wings. They just sort of hover. So, are those not wasps? Maybe they’re Peruvian hover-scorpions?

We’ve never heard of such a thing.

Does that mean you don’t know if these scrubbers would be tough enough to wipe away their nest?

Honestly, we think you should call an exterminator.

We had our house bombed, but it only made them stronger. Anyway, we just need to make sure the hover scorpions or whatever they are won’t spin one of their cement webs around the scrubber and turn it into another nest. When they go to work, they go to work fast. You should see the number they did on Howard!


Our jade plant–

Oh jeez. You had us scared there for a minute.

–that we’re growing in the pot where we buried our pet guinea pig, also named Howard, after he had a run-in with the hover-scorpions.


Anyway, maybe you could come over to our house and give us your opinion, in terms of whether or not these scrubbers will work for us?


Well, that’s all we have. We hope this was helpful in answering some of the common questions related to this two-pack of Reach extendable scrubbers!

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