2-Pack: Arcade1up Centipede Arcade Stools with Bonus Dry Erase Metal Scoreboard

  • Sit them in front of your classic arcade machines!
  • Or build a super rad game-themed bar in your basement
  • Keep score (or track of what’s for dinner) with the dry erase board
  • Arcade1Up is super legit; just ask everyone on the subreddit about their stuff
  • Height is adjustable: from 21.5" to 29.5"
  • Are they Mac compatible: you’re gonna buy these dope stools and use them to WORK ON YOUR MAC?!?!
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These Stools Rule

We know what you’re thinking: why are we offering these dope Centipede stools and dry erase metal scoreboard today when, only a few weeks ago, it was April 8th? AKA National Arcade Day?

It’s a fair point. But here’s the thing: we trust our customers at Meh to live every day like it’s National Arcade Day!

Now, as for these stools: maybe you’ve got some classic arcade machines in your house you’d like to sit them in front of. Or maybe you just want to add a little classic gaming goodness to your breakfast bar. Either way, they’re the perfect touch.

And they’re from Arcade1Up, so you know they’re legit. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such an active Subreddit built to discuss their exceptional products.

But it’s not just online where Arcade1Up stuff is celebrated. No way, you can find their stools at bars in many of the best gaming cities in the world. We’re talking destinations like:

  • Mario De Janeiro
  • Pong Kong
  • Pac Man-hattan
  • Mrs. Pac Man-chester
  • Dark Seouls
  • Mario Ja-cart-a
  • Pokémonmartre
  • Super Smash Bruges
  • Tetrieste
  • Final Fantaseattle

Okay, fine. These puns are terrible. But these stools are very much NOT terrible. You might even say they’re the opposite of terrible: totally rad!

So grab a couple for the nice price of just $69, and get gaming! (Or sitting. You don’t have to game on these if you don’t to.)

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