2-Pack: Page Publications 500 or 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Your choice of two rad puzzles to enjoy
  • 500 or 1000 pieces
  • Relaxing fun that won’t yell at you
  • Model: #J1G-54W
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A puzzlingly wasted opportunity.

Is there some kind of trade group for puzzle makers that does public relations for the industry? Because if there is, holy hell those guys should get fired.

How were puzzles not THE THING at some point in the last 18 months?

Sourdough bread was a thing. Tiger King was a freaking phenomenon. Peloton bikes had a moment and those cost like two grand and yell at you.

Yet somehow we managed to have the whole world inside for months on end and still nobody gave half a shit about puzzles.

So now, instead of puzzles being back-ordered coast-to-coast and selling for a markup over MSRP like a 2022 Toyota, they’re apparently piled up in warehouses where we can buy them up and flip them to you guys at two for fifteen bucks.

Huge missed opportunity, puzzle industry. Huge.

But whatever. Their loss is your gain.

Just look at these things. Flip through the options here and find something that strikes your fancy. Or, honestly…don’t. Just pick a couple. It’s a puzzle. You aren’t going to hang it on your wall or pass it down to your children someday.

It’s just a fun thing to do for a couple of hours. The most important thing is probably to choose 500 or 1000 pieces, depending on your appetite for tedium and aggravation.

Some of these are pretty psychedelic. Some are cute. And again—and we can’t stress this enough—it really doesn’t matter. Just pick a couple with colors you like and we’ll send them your way.

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